ImageBUMS!!!! Do you look in the mirror every morning and think “damn, my ass is fantastic… I could bounce ping pong balls off those cheeks…I could crack walnuts between those buttocks…” then you are probably already coming to my classes and I virtually embrace you. If, however, you are looking in the mirror and thinking “hmmmm, there’s a little bit of wobble… A little bit of droop…I’m going to have to sort this if I’m going to shimmy into my sparkly micro hot pants in time for the Xmas party season” then fear not! Help is at hand!! I have THE MOST AMAZING butt tightening Pilates exercises that will ensure your firm bottom is at its best. I am starting the new Christmas timetable next week and in addition, have added two new classes recently. I have classes at 8.30 am, 7.45 pm and lots in between, so what’s your delay? Sort your ass out TODAY!!


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