Group Classes

All my classes are mixed ability but some lean more towards beginner and some more towards the more experienced so please get in touch so we can discuss. All classes are run in blocks of around 6 weeks and are payable in full, in advance.

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Barre Pilates

Think ballet meets Pilates. This is a high energy, low impact class incorporating the use of the traditional ballet barre along with balls, bands and small weights to create a fusion of ballet and Pilates exercises. You will strengthen and lengthen as you would expect from Pilates and will be going for high repetitions that will tighten and tone like you wont believe! Be prepared to to burn!

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Studio equipment

I work one to one on my reformer and cadillac in my studio. These are two pieces of equipment that Joe Pilates designed and they have changed very little from his original creations. His belief was to perfect the exercises on the studio equipment and practise on the mat. With a range of springs, straps and pulleys, you get an amazing total body workout but with altering the resistance on the springs etc., you can get feedback very clearly about where there are imbalances and weaknesses that may be more subtle to spot on the mat. Using the reformer and cadillac also provides a greater awareness and understanding of the moves we are practising on the mat. The focus is very much on precision and control and can make even the most basic move become much more intensive.

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