Well, I am off this Saturday for my first stint as fitness instructor out at Jason Vale’s beautiful juicing retreat in Portugal. I am very excited, rather nervous and probably overthinking my prep. as is my way. I’ll do my best to have a blast… looks utter hardship right? I will just clear up some misconceptions though…  yes, I will be living exclusively on juice for 3 weeks (apart from  salad on the handover days and I speak from experience when I tell you that it will be the most delicious meal ever!), no I will not be eating (please see previous sentence) and no, of course I wont be drinking!!!




Anywayyyyy, I shall be in regular contact and plan on doing Facebook live so you cannot escape me but in the  meantime, I wanted to share this documentary with you. I have watched this many times and hope it shows you why I am inspired and enthused and such a fan of the juicy method. I would love to hear your comments if and when you have watched it.


Tchau for now x


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