I have decided, after a huge amount of thought, to stop teaching Pilates at Elmers Court. This decision has not been an easy one and I regret leaving so many wonderful and loyal friends. However, as you know, I am building my business from my home studio in Beaulieu and it just makes more sense for me to add classes here. While I very much value and respect you all and have truly enjoyed teaching at Elmers, I have to realistic about my time and building my business.

I will have spaces for any of you who would like to chat to me about moving with me to Beaulieu but also respect that many of you are Elmers members and that therefore it may not be practical.

I would like to thank you all so very much for all your hard work and loyalty over the last few years and really do hope I continue to see you in some way shape or form.

With my very best wishes

Juliet x


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