My blogs are like buses at the moment… nothing for weeks then… blah blah

juliets-pilates-oct-097-1024x819Annnnywayyyyy, I am creeping slowly towards revealing my new website. It’s been great to use pure local talent to build it in the shape of the fabulous James Ryder for the web design, the equally fabulous Baxter Bradford for the photos (both from Lymington) and all my gorgeous models who I teach at home or Limewood (apart from token male Dan who has taught me…and will be teaching you next year sometimes when I am away) – if you are very lucky, he might get his sword out……steady….

The whole photos thing is a challenge. I LOATHE having my photos taken and am still wrestling with the profile pic ( I tried to avoid it but Bax caught me out!).

Anyway, I shall be “launching” soon – (cant wait) – once we have agreed on background colour, font colour, MUST I have the profile pic…




Thank you models all for your patience, hard work and for being gorgeous, Meanwhile, I leave you with the this…. x