Well hello! It’s been a while… I hope you are all having as brilliant a summer as I am. Having taken the whole of August off, I am having the best time. Long walks, meeting friends for lunch, losing track of time and day…. I have just finished a sailing week which has been brilliant. I am a sort of “old, new girl” in so much as I did learn donkey’s years ago but had forgotten it and so have spent a blissful week pottering up and down the Beauliue River in a scow with great friends in the sunshine sailing at my favourite place in the whole world. With the sunshine came the feeling that summer would just last forever… IMG_2473 IMG_2412

However, along with today’s rain comes the decision to sit back at my computer and start preparing for the new term. I am adding a new class on Mondays at 10.40 and this will be geared to anyone who is a beginner as well as someone who is perhaps more experienced but rehabilitating or just wants a slow and gentle class . Please let me know asap if you are interested. Classes all start Monday 5th Sept. I am just trawling through who has paid, who has booked and what spaces are where so if you haven’t been in touch, please do very soon.

Also coming soon will be my new and improved website. I am having a photo shoot tomorrow and am very grateful to my willing models who have so kindly offered their time.

Well, along with the rain comes the reality that the house hasn’t seen any hoovering or tidying in weeks so I have plenty to do. See you soon xx