Well Wednesday night was fun. Antonia and I ran our workshop buried deep in the woods of Beaulieu…. so deep in fact that loads of people got lost and we had to use iPhone torches to find our way. I arrived at 5pm alone in darkness and did have “Misommer murder” feelings – HOW awkward if all our clients arrived and found me… dead. It was very dark and very spooky and I heard all sorts of unpleasant noises….that boiler sounds very much like an axe murderer and if i do get done in, I don’t want to be the alcoholic floozie character… I have nothing against drinking copious amounts of booze and being a total slut but she always has really bad hair and dreadful clothes….

However, we came, we saw and we conquered. Huge success and charming thank you emails so we are really chuffed and very much looking forward to our 2017 dates which will include our first residential workshop so watch this space.

My body was and continues to hurt to a point of almost inducing tears. I offer videos to accompany the workouts. Hmmmm. As a fairly “out there” and confident girl, videos reduce me to a gibbering mess….in addition to my limited editing skills, I find myself under pressures not experienced since , well the last time I videoed. Tragically it meant that every time I went wrong (frequent, oh so frequent) instead of continuing and cutting it out, I had to start again ….hence the first video was in broad daylight and it finishes with a full moon (in the sky – not me being inappropriate)…. so imagine my nearly, nearly finishing and then fluffing my words/losing my balance/being an idiot and starting ALL OVER AGAIN… oh, I LAUGHED….

As is the way in the life of a manic hyperactive, I got home late and wired so had to find things to do…. so I planned my run up to Christmas and realised I don’t have any spare time. Like any. At all…. and I have my studio Xmas drinks party in 2 weeks…. and I’m on a course all of this weekend learning how to walk (a la Nordic) and in Germany next weekend (social, jolly) so damn, I’ve got to crack on….

Today was a big, clear window… should I settle in and sort these wretched videos with sun and moon and gaffs galore? Nope. I’ll get the Xmas decs out….. and I’ll put Christmas music on my Sonos to keep me company and get me suitably in the festive mood…. at this point, please refer to my earlier Christmas blogs of nearly drowning/being arrested/nearly burning down the house/doing moronic things from moronsville…. soooooooo I was putting up fairy lights…. I could have got step ladders but that would have involved schlepping off to the shed and faff so I perched on the arm of a chair…. I then (obviously) fell as the chair tipped over, scattering baubles, drawing pins and Juliet which actually quite hurt just as the twat on Sonos was singing “it’s the most wonderful time of the year”…..

Incidentally….. listening to Wham’s “Last Christmas”…… now,  LET ME TELL YOU… if I had given you my heart last Christmas, if you had a) given it away the very next day (#ungrateful) and b) not recognised me?? (It’s been a year – it doesn’t surprise me?) I would be seriously pissed off.  A year???? You don’t RECOGNISE me after a year???? Have I given my heart to someone who is academically challenged? (Actually, to be fair, that wouldn’t be a first)…. trying to avoid me would be ok but not recognise me? I think George was far too forgiving on that front… A year? Is this amnesia central?

However, planning my Christmas play lists has been fun… if you thought my music had been dodgy thus far….. watch out! I even found Ave Maria at 147 bpm!!! very stressful. Might just stick to Buble for the foreseeable.

I had better sign off and get packing as I am off  once again up to the smoke for a course, this time on Nordic Walking…TWO DAYS…. and homework?!!! .. but thanks to the feedback, I see it featuring in my 2017 diary and most certainly at one of our workshops next year…

Well…. it’s been a joy… laters xxx