The one about Nordic walking and getting into the Christmas spirit…

15203214_944618202336659_7105918116638824661_n-225x300I spent last weekend in Crystal Palace sports centre learning how to walk. I have to admit, I was not massively excited about giving up a whole weekend of my (currently) very busy life and sitting on the train at 6.10am on Saturday (slightly hungover) did not see me in my best mood. However… as is so often the way, I ended up really enjoying the weekend, feeling thoroughly inspired and absolutely shattered! A hundred years ago, I went along to day one of my Pilates course feeling exactly the same way -really not that enamoured with the prospect of learning Pilates and look where that took me!!

As you know, I am off to teach fitness at Jason Vale’s retreats next year and this was a qualification they required so they duly dispatched me off to get the necessary. I made new friends (of course!!), learned a new skill and had an exceptionally good work out. So yes, I will be offering Nordic walking in the new year… not sure where it will fit in but it will. I was really impressed  at how hard I worked and what a great c.v.workout it was. In the classroom I was sat next to an ultra marathon runner and I must admit, talking to him got me thinking. 15193568_10154813131202792_7198373211353996632_n-300x298 I am getting restless feet to run again… apparently there is an ultra right here in Brockenhurst next October…. just wondering if I am brave enough to start again. At least if I start running, it might take care of some of the excess energy I have which can only be very good news for everyone who suffers in my classes!

I have two sets of walking poles and will be spotted out and about practising my skills. The best bit is that my instructor advised using a whistle. I am SO using a whistle. I asked if I could use a loud hailer but the instructor felt that would be a little excessive.. #disappointed!

So, I have been tearing my hair out somewhat with regards to class cover for next term and think I am finally there for the new term. Dates will be going out very soon. I am having a minor op in the first week of Jan that requires some recovery and then I am in Portugal for 3 weeks in Feb at Juicy Oasis ( where I shall be teaching the afore mentioned Nordic walking along with all sorts of other exercises classes.

In the meantime, it is officially Christmas season – there is no stopping me now. Fairy lights are up and really bad music is playing. I actually found Silent Night at 140bpm this morning and yes, it is really bad. I have decided to change the format a little and we are doing Pilates circuits and so far, so good apart from Panda getting a little over involved!

15192681_944727318992414_3740316197024903628_n-300x300Well, I am off to pack for a very eagerly anticipated weekend in Germany with a wonderful and dear friend taking in a few Christmas markets and a lot of very good wine and food.. see you when I am fatter…. as Michael Macintyre says –  why  all these pre Christmas diets? Lets just chub up for Crimbo!! (good job for the  Nordic walking and re starting the running!)

Have yourselves a very happy and somewhat FREEEEZING weekend




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