Raw vegetables – raw food speeds up your metabolism helping you to burn calories more quickly and feel less sluggish.

Nuts and seeds – these are a great source of unsaturated good fats which will actually help you lose excess weight

Hoummos on rice cakes – this is a healthy filling snack containing unsaturated good fats.

Oats – they’re full of nutrients that promote weight loss. Try porridge for a healthy breakfast.

Parsley – full of nutrients. It contains high levels of vitamin B12 and more vitamin C than citrus fruit.

Fruit – blueberries are low in calories and fat, and contain antioxidants. Use them in smoothies.

Avocados – they contain vitamin E and fatty acids which keep your metabolism functioning properly.

Nettle tea – stimulates your liver and is a good source of vitamin B which boosts energy levels.

Wild salmon – salmon is low in calories and saturated fats and great for regulating your blood sugar levels.

Rocket – its packed with nutrients that help guard against heart disease and has virtually no calories.

Healthy Swaps

Mayo – for low calorie mayo or salad cream mixed with low fat yoghurt (save 8g fat per tablespoon)

Jam – for mashed banana for extra fibre, potassium and Vit B6

Cheese – for humus or falafel for extra fibre and iron

Lettuce – Rocket, watercress or Lambs Lettuce for extra iron, folic acid and vitamins A and C

Bacon and ham – for chicken, turkey or salmon (lower salt filling)


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