My teenage daughter and I have been enjoying pilates and barre pilates with Juliet for some time.

Juliet’s style of teaching is to empower the pupil and arm them with as much knowledge as possible allowing us to get as much out of each class as we possibly can.

Because Juliet has a huge appetite for learning herself, she devotes a great deal of her spare time on courses refreshing her skills and learning new techniques.

She also has a brilliant sense of humour which means we are all relaxed so our movements are more natural, rather than functional.

Phoebe and I always look forward to the beginning of term!

Sarah Branson
After 11 years of no back problems since discovering Pilates I had to spend several days in bed before Christmas as my back gave up on me. The choice was either lying on my side, or standing. Sitting was impossible. I think this was the culmination of an intensive decorating session followed by half a term of very little Pilates. I had been visiting the Chiropractor weekly since the collapse, but nothing seemed to be getting me on the road to a sustained recovery. I came to your session last Thursday in pain and planning to go straight to the Chiropractor after the class. However, after the session the pain had disappeared. I have since been repeating some of the exercises daily and, although my back stiffens up each night, it is definitely improving at last.
As a horse rider, I have found that keeping fit and supple is essential. This applies not only to other sports but also to the ‘sport of daily living’. Every day can be a challenge but I have found that becoming more aware of one’s body and musculature through Pilates has been an enormous benefit. I now feel that balance is better, suppleness increased and core strength greater. Pilates is definitely here to stay and thank you to Juliet for your correct and professional teaching!
Patrick Kempe
After about five years of being almost permanently pregnant, my back was well and truly knackered (as was I, to be honest). After taking up Pilates with Juliet, all those niggles and pains went before long, not to mention sorting out the bingo wings. I now feel stronger and fitter than I have for years. She’s an amazing teacher, full of energy and enthusiasm. And her skills and knowledge are incredible. I can’t recommend her classes highly enough.
Helen McGinn
I have been doing Pilates with Juliet for over ten years and am convinced that I would have completely seized up by now without it!  She is a very professional teacher with excellent supporting medical knowledge.  I really appreciate my weekly class.
Jane Horsfall
I started Pilates with Juliet just over a year ago and it has changed my life, I have thought many times that I wish I had come to Pilates years ago. Having always been a very active person and into fitness and general health / well-being, Pilates has offered the prefect balance to my other activities. Juliet is a fabulous teacher, her wealth of knowledge about the human body perfectly complements her obvious passion for Pilates. Not only do I leave her classes feeling physically better but I always learn something new and if I am experiencing any stress I am better able to deal with it. The change to my core is wonderful. The barre classes are a fantastic workout, I often wish I could attend one of her barre classes five days a week and the mat work classes perfectly target and teach the objective Juliet has aimed at. In class I find that Juliet always listens to individuals and deals calmly and confidently with any difficulties people present, altering exercises as appropriate. No one is left to struggle, and most importantly, there is always a sense of fun! 
I think over the years I’ve tried every exercise regime going in the quest to reduce the size of my more than ample butt. I’ve Stepped, Spun, Pumped, Aerobicked to mention a few, but sadly no amount of burning or self induced agony has ever got me closer to my much coveted goal. Thus always deflated after my efforts, I would then give up until the next ‘Craze’ & ‘Must do’ exercise hit the Glossies in desperation once again to reduce that unwanted derrière!
That however was all before I discovered Barre Pilates with the wonderful Juliet. Within weeks of doing this class I could not only feel the difference but yes unbelievable! there were actually visible results. What an incentive to up the classes and push myself harder. Although one might wonder how many exercises can actually be done at the Barre and ask is it very repetitive? The answer to that is absolutely not. Just as you think you know what’s coming next , Juliet pops out another little wonder to literally keep you on your toes and work harder.
As with all Juliets classes it’s also fun with light hearted banter to distract from that unbearable moment when you are convinced your bottom must surely be broken!  If you want to try something new & different , improve posture, core strength & reduce inches on hips, bottom & thighs don’t “Diilly Dally “get yourself booked in for Barre Pilates 2017. Commit & work hard, I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

I have attended Juliet’s Pilates for some time. Juliet’s enthusiasm and commitment to Pilates’ instruction is second to none. Through the work I do with her in mat-based classes and barre Pilates I have learnt huge amounts about my own body and how to keep it healthy. She knows exactly what level to take me to and I always feel that I have achieved something. She is patient, enthusiastic, energetic and hugely knowledgeable, the qualities and fun that she brings to every session make Pilates a joy to do.

Alice Bubear