What to expect from my class.


I run Pilates classes of different levels and you and I have discussed and agreed on which is the most suitable class for you. If you feel you would like to change the class, please come and see me to chat about it.


Each class is a mat based class running for one hour. I will be in the hall in time to meet you and give you an opportunity to advise me of any health or physical changes that may affect the way you exercise. We will then go into a warm up and mobilisation phase to prepare the mind and body before moving into the  main exercise session. During this time I will demonstrate exercises and offer alternatives and offer ways to adapt the exercises where necessary. We will usually include a stretch and relaxation phase but it does depend on the class and what we are currently working on. Sometimes, the relaxation is not as appropriate.


This is a “hands on” style class. I will often walk around the room, watching how everyone is getting on and making sure that everyone understands and is doing the exercise correctly. Also, this will give me an opportunity to discreetly make corrections by standing/kneeling at your side. Please let me know if you would feel uncomfortable with my physically correcting you and I can just verbally correct you instead.


I ask for and welcome feedback. It is vital for me, in order to deliver the best possible service, to know of any changes you may want me to make or any area that you would like to see done differently. If you are not comfortable to speak to me at the end of the class, then feel free to ring me or email me, via the details below.  If you don’t tell me, I wont know! I am proud of my reputation and work hard at maintaing a professional service and will therefor always very much appreciate your comments.


I advise you to wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes. We work in bare feet or you can wear socks. I always arrive early to prepare the room and get the temperature to a suitable level but I advise that you bring layers so that you may choose to add some layers at the end for the relaxation when you will be lying quiet and still. Do always let me know if you are too hot or cold during the class so that I can address it. It may just be that you need to move to another part of the room, away from a fan or window or similar.


Please let me know if you have any difficulty hearing or seeing me so that I can set you a mat nearer to me or so that I can ensure I stand near you when demonstrating or explaining.


Please discuss any goals/wants/limitations that you have. Together we can help you to achieve what you want to.


I will always allow a few minutes at the end of the class for any questions so do feel free to come and see me if you need to.


Please ensure you arrive with time to prepare so that once the class is started, we are not disturbed. Please remember to turn off mobiles.


Juliet tel; 07736 359062

email;[email protected]


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